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Should I swap or not?

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  • Should I swap or not?

    Well I was going to swap out the 4cyl out of my truck (350), but now I am second guessing on doing it. The motor runs great, 25-30 mpg's, and the only negative is low power. What do you think?

    I can add a 58mm throttle body, header, cavalier intake, etc...there are several options to upgrade this motor even a turbo.

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    asking the wrong crowd probably, but I'll pipe up first with "Depends on what you want"

    350's are cool and all, but dare to be different and go with a 307. Not kidding. I'd love to see a TPI'd 307 with OD and 3.08's in one of those trucks as an experiment for mileage and performance.

    Or a 283 with a turbo.

    or a 460 Ford. lmao. Not kidding here either.

    I'd leave it be if you are worried about economy though. Little farts run forever it seems like. The mod stuff you mention will probably move the power up in the rpm's which I'd be hesitant about unless you plan on gearing it also, and then you start killing off MPG by the bushel and might as well go V8.

    The 4.3's that came in a lot of those trucks can be made to run pretty hard, and that would be the easy bolt in answer... find a totalled 4.3 truck and rob it?

    Turbo'ing the 4 would be interesting. I still expect my trucks to pull trailers though, so my vote is more cubes.
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      is this truck your only wheels,, if so. leaving the 4 cyl might be a good idea.. and leaving it stock is even better.
      custom builds require parts that can keep the daily driver down for more than a day. and that can be a p.i.t.a. when you need it everyday..
      if this truck isn't your only ride.. then do as you please..


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        depends on which is more important power or milage. Figure up how much you drive, how much more it will cost you. I would bet a mild 350 with tall gears and an overdrive get low to mid 20's. A turbo may net the same power and have better mileage while your foot is not in it, but lack the low end ft-lbs.
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          everyone and their brother has done a 350 swap (I've done 5).... however, the 4 banger in your truck can make 450 (or more) hp, is lighter, and (most importantly in my book) is different. If it were a 4.3, it'd be a no-brainer to swap to the 350.... with the 4 (as long as you're not towing a boat) you could have a lot of wicked fun (especially with a hairdryer).
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            I wish it was my daily driver, my silverado sucks on gas. This will sound totally nuts but my original plan was to try an diesel swap and eventually also do the vegetable oil conversion also. It would yield some nice power and would be great to stop at the local wing joint and fill up for free. Kind of an ECO-ROD. The one thing I am glad about is that I did not do anything this winter since I am going on the hrpt and gas is so much.


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              a 4BT cummins can make stupid power and still get reasonable mileage... I always hear about somebody getting some killer deal on them, but I never find them for cheap or I'd already be trying to do this.

              I still want to see a sequential turbo Yanmar in a Fiat spider.
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                early s-10 isusu oil burner 4.. add turbo..
                or go v8 mid 80's old's 260 deisel.. totally different.. get great mpg and make the truck useable to pull /tow if needed..


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                  With the price of fuel were it is - I'd leave it alone - possibly add a turbo or some other go fast goodies if you're budget allows, but I'd keep the inline 4.

                  Going diesel would be great if you can get a package that works with out a motherload of screwing around...

                  If you're DD gets bad mileage - maybe you should make this your DD
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                    To me, without changing the weight or drag of a vehicle, swaps don't really make much difference unless the engine you're swapping is a turd or an insane race engine.

                    To sound like a parrot, drop a 4.8 or 5.3 in, leave it completely stock, and if you don't get in it, I bet your mileage will be comparable. If you throw a 23 degree sbc with a rumpety cam in, your mileage will suck.
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                      I've small blocked three. Here's how you should do it. 5.3 ls with a T-56
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                        How about the inline 6 trailblazer drivetrain - find a wrecked one and swap it over complete with harnesses.... I know - easier said than done, and surely not cheap... but it would be cool!
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                          The Trailblazer 6 is bad assed. And not that expensive actually. I haven't shopped for them recently, but once upon a time you could get a complete engine with accessories for $1000-$2000 depending on mileage. Computer and such are sometimes included, otherwise a few hundred bucks extra.

                          Air, do you have to worry about Smog laws where you are? If not, do a megasquirt on it. DG and I have been talking about doing one of these engines for a while. He'll help out with advice I'm sure!

                          They make really good power and are decent on mileage.

                          With that said, adding power means you are going to have to have a trans to go with it. And the 7.5 inch 10 bolt won't last long after that. Just keep dragging the thing the way it is and save money since gas is high. Next year when you've saved up some money you can go hot on a swap.
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                            there is one local, big fast tires on, looks like drag truck from dtsance.. as it approaches that vibrating ricer inline ruins it...

                            a very smart build if to stay as a four..
                            the diesel idea with turbo, tall gear it.

                            or very mellow short stroke v8. These things died local with just a v6 adding a bit of torque.
                            a v8 cradles, but can still destroy. stay mellow and is still much bigger than where it came from.
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