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Please Welcome Comp Cams and FAST to the BangShift Family of Sponsors

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  • Please Welcome Comp Cams and FAST to the BangShift Family of Sponsors

    Man, I like doing these!

    Guys and girls, Comp Cams and FAST have joined on as proud sponsors of BangShift. You'll bee seeing their ads rolling on the site tonight and going forward. Obviously Comp Cams is one of the, if not the premier name in high performance camshafts. If you want to kill a whole afternoon, visit and play with the buttons to look at different cams. I know I have been for my SBC project.

    FAST needs no introduction either. Their fuel injection products from the EZ EFI all the way through their hard core XFI stuff is top shelf and can be found in hot rods and race cars of all different shapes and styles. They also manufacture and sell scads of high quality components for fuel injection systems.

    Please consider both brands when shopping camshafts and fuel injection!

    I'm also glad to say that we have more good news coming in the near future!

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    Good news! Welcome aboard both of ya's!!

    Bruab, I think they sell AMC cams too... EFI 360 Caprice. Just think about it, that's all I'm sayin.
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      Beags, the new mill for the Caprice will be 360ci but it ain't gonna be the AMC!
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        GREAT Job guys!
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          AWSUM ! welcome aboard !
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            We love both companies, and they love us.
            We are are pretty much advertisement for them!

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              That is great news! I have a little bitty Comp cam in my deal. They have really helped us step up the power and keep the valve train in one piece.
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                Love my comp cams stuff....might be ordering a new stick soon!
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                  Good to have them here, usually I run a Comp cam, the only others I have run were UltraDyne. I was just perusing the EZ EFI part of their site, and found my answer to the pressing question I have had for some time. I want to run a system similar to EZ but obviously I dont run gas. I would be more than happy to be a test source for them if I could make adjustments to the program somehow. Seeing how there are so few people like me who want the mileage from ethanol rather than outright power I doubt there is a market for it.


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                    Welcome CompCams!!!!! Been using your stuff for over 20 years..........

                    So you know, if you don't ask.........but how about a 55mm roller cam for my twin turbo SBC??.......
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                      Welcome aboard! I have a Comp in the 'Stang (yes, it really exists - Brian has seen it). Scooter Brothers is a friend of a friend and he picked the grind out for me - it's perfect for my use.



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                        I buy in volume.
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