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    Would you drive a car built by a teenager in his parents driveway with no safety features whatsoever? We did, and now we'll tell you why this ugly RX7 is so ...

    I cant decide whether to applaud this kid for living the dream, or if its a whole bunch of hipsterish unnecessary patina.
    Dustin in Pennsylvania

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    POS. Too bad he wasted a perfectly good engine on it. I don't think every car has to have show potential but this one has salvage yard potential.



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      I think after watching this more closely, some where, this kid has "it" and his Mazda shows "it." BUT, and of course I don't know him and will probably never meet him, the owner seems like he just wants to look cool to the kids at his local community college. Is there anything wrong with that? I guess not. Don't we all do this for the way it makes us feel? I've always wanted a ratty loud obnoxious beater-esque pavement pounder. However this thing just comes off as thrown together to me. What do I know anyway. It beats my junk.
      Dustin in Pennsylvania


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        the concept is cool, but...

        hmmm, "maybe if i put a speedo on the hood, nobody will notice the 800 dollars worth of road race tires i have on this car"
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          location makes a car.

          in more than half the country, the rx7 of 1984 could not hold a rotary or inline...nevermind a v8.

          hes got a baked hard old ricer, and the same revenge dumped into it alot of us still play with...

          hardly a p.o.s.

          nickels and dmes do add up however, that is the big lesson if you watched the vid. he mentioned 13k chore at a time.

          paint is 100 bucks from a real shop by the way. not like he could not afford it...
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            Except for the speedo screwed to the hood, the wood spoiler,the cooler mounted on the nose instead of in the grill area and the leather straps on the hood instead of pins,.....I love it. Big fan of big motor little car.
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              i like it because he is workin' on his ride and NOT buyin neon lights for it. most kids his age just wanna show off, not go fast.

              made me smile. even if it is a mazda.

              Zoom Zoom.
              Mike in Southwest Ohio


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                Looks like a combination of some of my least favorite trends, tuner cars, rat rods, and those weird Japanese bosuzuku(?) cars, all of which seem to be more about posing then driving. It actually works and the kid drives the hell out of it though. ALL the money has been pit towards speed and handling. I can dig it.

                Rock on kid.
                I'm probably wrong


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                  A lot of (mostly young) people spend way too much money [s]fixing up[/s] modifying whatever is they have to work with - rather than save money for a little while and buy something that would be "nice" when done.

                  If I would have had more money and more "know how" when I was 19, I'd probably still have my 4 door Delta 88, probably have some ridiculous amount of money into it...

                  *edit: Hmmm, on other websites the [s] [/s] tags put a line through the word, or "strikes" it.
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                    "something about this car makes you want to be a total dick" - great line from the video
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                      with some detail work it could be pretty cool....70 years ago guys where doing the same thing with model As and Ts... i would fix the rigged speedo clean up the oil cooler . turning something old slow and ugly into a beast is what hot rodding is...


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                        I love it. Probably the neatest build I've seen in a while, and it actually gets driven.

                        Personally I would lose the goofy instruments, but I get his point with them. Also the wood spoiler, but I also get that.

                        The builder is definitely one of us, that is obvious. He knew his stuff. Why does every video seem to "need" some random reality tv douche to throw out random stupid comments though? At least this one knew how to drive the car, albeit it took him a few miles to figure it out.
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                          Is that kid's name David Freiburger Jr.???? lol


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                            That made me smile. He knows exactly what he has and is confident, competent, and capable. Good on him. And you gotta love a car that scares people just sitting quiet.
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                            "Remy-Z, you've outdone yourself again, I thought a Mirada was the icing on the cake of rodding, but this Imperial is the spread of little 99-cent candy letters spelling out "EAT ME" on top of that cake."


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                              A 19 year old kid who actually has a driver's license and built a hot rod in his garage with money he made delivering pizzas. How can you not give that a thumbs up?
                              Just groovin' to my own tune.