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My new baby arrived today

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  • My new baby arrived today

    As you know I'm 60 and single, so it isn't that kind of baby. I believe this will be the final engine and most anything else done to the Track-T. As much as I enjoyed the torque at low rpm of the 383 sbc, I did miss the high rpm zing of the 355 circle track engine. The 355 had a nasty exhaust bark, radical idle, and the street manners of a gang banger. The 383 had a sweet idle and impeccable street manners plus great mpg. I'm hoping to have a good mix of the attributes of both of those engines for the 427.

    On the engine dyno;

    526.3 HP @ 5700 rpm

    556.2 lb/ft @ 4400 rpm

    516 lb/ft @ 2800
    Short shift, its fun

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    Patrick & Tammy
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      Nice.........looks like it starts to build torque real early.
      That oughta be fun.

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        All that and good looks too ! Glad to see you back, I wondered where you'd gone to.
        Phil / Omaha


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          Originally posted by 70chevyC-10 View Post
          All that and good looks too ! Glad to see you back, I wondered where you'd gone to.
          ditto, that new engine is gunna be a beast, hope you get some video of it after its installed
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            damn, thats gonna be a hoot to drive on the street...

            Nice to hear from you...long time no see~
            If you can leave two black stripes from the exit of one corner to the braking zone of the next, you have enough horsepower. - Mark Donohue


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              Welcome back! Nice engine, too.



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                I echo the above, nice engine and glad to see you pop back in.
                Escaped on a technicality.


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                  Your name came up not too long ago, can't remember in what context though. I'll probably remember it at 3:00a.m. some morning. lol. Good to hear from you.

                  yucky Chevy mill. hahaha. Looks like a tire frier.
                  Flying south, with a flock of bird dogs.


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                    And in a track-T. Like a go-kart on serious 'roids. Nice!
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                      Drool drool pant pant. Sweating profusely...
                      That oughta fly!
                      Looks good.


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                        Holy mother of power to weight ratio batman!
                        There's always something new to learn.


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                          It is sure making some serious power. I see they dynoed it on race gas. Hopefully it will run those numbers on pump swill. Not sure on the thinking on the vacuum secondary carb. At these power levels, I dont see the advantage over a double pumper.

                          In any case, it will be fun in whatever car it goes into. Congrats on the new fun machine.
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                            My friend had one their big blocks in his Camaro,it was a beast, ran really well, yours should too,dont hurt yourself.


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                              Good excuse for a project to stuff the 383 in
                              Michael from Hampton Roads