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Does a car that has been a magazine have more value to you?

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  • Does a car that has been a magazine have more value to you?

    I see this all the time. People selling their rod, muscle car, or whatever and they have the mag with their car in it. Whether it be a feature article, or just some candid shot from a show or a cruise.

    Does this make it more valuable to you? Would pay extra for the car just because it's had mag coverage? It could be just some random pics, or be as popular as Dobbertin's Pro Stree car having multiple mag coverage?

    Personally, I just think it's an interesting footnote on the car's life, but I won't give a dollar more for a car because of it. My own Impala has been in multiple mags. I don't think that makes it work more. It sure doesn't elevate it above POS status.

    What are your guys/gals thoughts?
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    Hell no, it aint worth a dime more...
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      Depends on the meaning of "value". If it's a famous feature vehicle like Scott Sullivan's Cheez Whiz 55 Chevy or Dobbertin's Nova, then I believe it would be more of a value at resale. Even a project car like the Crusher Camaro would be worth more at resale. Those car would always carry the previous owners name, regardless of the current caretaker. But a car I built myself, the way I wanted would be worth more in sheer fun and satisfaction.


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        Monetary value .... No!

        Bragging rights .... Maybe ...
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          Has been a magazine? You mean, in a magazine?

          There's so much garbage out there in car-land...having been a feature car in a magazine implies it's passed some-kind of test such as, writers-editors-publishers believe that is it good or interesting enough that people should plunk down the price of the mag to see it. Then, having been in a mag with it's pic all over the place adds to the human interest and therefore value (the part where it's worth what ever somebody is willing to pay for it, and that only needs to be one guy).

          Just a general small pic, hmmm...hard to say. More of a keepsake for the owner.

          Just a small pic of one of mine seemed to help an insurance adjuster along with his numbers when it got backed into later, it was interesting to see the attitude change, so I'd say it wasn't without it's value.


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            Having your car in a magazine simply increases the number of eyes who might desire your car.
            Once you've had that kind of exposure - that's a great time to sell.

            It's called striking while the iron is hot.
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              No ... nuff said.


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                Since nobody buys magazines anymore ...will not be a problem


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                  For me it wouldn't increase monetary value - but it IS pretty cool. And Scott L - you have one of the best POSes on the planet!



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                    I wouldn't pay a dime more if it's been in a magazine, and it's never added any value to anything of mine that've been in magazines. Here's a different but similar scenario(?). Take 2 identical cars, then say one's owned by a big celebrity..........still identical cars, but you'll see fools go nuts at the auctions if someone famous farted in the POS.


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                      hmmm depends on the car and if it was a project car that spanned a few issues or just a spot light

                      a spot light probably not a project car maybe
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                        For me buying, some but not much. For me selling,....a little more than some. Just because of being able to pull it out and be some what vindicated in the time and effort and cash dumped into it.
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                          in this day and age of digital media theres going to be pics out there floating all over the intrawebs, just cause it was in print doesnt make it any more speacial than having it in some websites web coverage
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                            I wouldn't pay more cuz it was in a magazine...
                            Helps to sell.. To those who worship the Lindseys, Britneys, Kardasians and so on..
                            I will buy a car because I think it's a cool car, not cuz someone farted in/on, as Groucho says..
                            More than likely, I would change something on a car I buy to make it uniquely mine....


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                              Being in print makes my car worth more to me. Since I'm not trying to sell, I guess it doesn't really matter if it changes the value for someone else.
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