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  • Originally posted by 68scott385 View Post

    Sorry if I was a pest. I try not to get in the way. It did take an hour before getting kicked off the starting line. OOPS!

    Walking around, looking at all the combinations, it was very interesting and left me with several questions. Reading through the rules started clearing up some things. Still though, the diversity is incredible.
    NOT a pest! Always great to have someone to chat up in the staging lanes - as you saw, one can be there a while!



    • I figured you prolly go thru more congested areas than I will..
      3 metropolitian areas, one is quite big.. All freeway 25 miles from home.. Untill we cross into WA midstate..
      Will be seeing wild horse herds from the highway...


      • I "threatened" to update this thread but I'm having trouble picking up where it left off. Certain years are a blur, like nearly everything from mid-1994 to mid-1999. I can recall plenty of events, I just can't date them without referencing other dates/events. The last couple years are like that too. Someone said slowly going in one direction is better than quickly going nowhere. My life resembles that remark more than I care to admit.

        Not that I thought it was quick, or fast, but I wanted to know what it would run on the track, mostly as a reference to other vehicles and as a starting point. It went down the track twice. The times were close enough to call consistent for me. First was 10.312 @ 65.48, second was 10.305 @ 66.07. I'm sure there's more to be had with some tuning but to me it's beating a dead horse, almost literally.

        The 455 ran when bought, was cleaner than the 3ow7 that came out, hasn't been any more apart that valve cover gaskets and distributor replacement in decades, and was cheap enough to enjoy as an experiment. After patiently waiting, searching for a couple great, running cores, I've decided to change directions. It's a Chevrolet car, it was born with an Olds engine, it had an Olds engine transplant, and now it's time for a Chevy engine to be between its fenders.

        I've accumulated a MkIV 454 that is half inspected, a '98 GenVI 454 that I haven't had time to inspect, and a '97 GenVI that runs very well but still needs some work to be reliable. Then there's the 385 that was built in 1999 and has somewhere between 15,ooo & 25,ooo miles. Have you ever really owned a hot rod if you haven't had to drive by the tach for a couple years? There's also enough "spare" parts to build 350hp small block if need be.......but I'm getting ahead of the timeline of events.

        Click image for larger version

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        • Please keep the updates coming. (Though I prefer the Olds - I like weird-os.)

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