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What did you do to your car today?

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  • What did you do to your car today?

    So, did you do anything to your car(s) today? Oil change? Brakes? tune up? go fast parts? looked at it in the garage?
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    Not today but the last three days have been very productive.


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      Washed the salt off the Camaro......I hate winter.
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        got my daughters Camaro started ,kinda.needs a carb kit bad


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          squirted some primer on it.
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            Nothing today, but last weekend I put a radio in the Firebird and modified the shift kit in the trans a bit more. Then drove the Skylark around town a bit.
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              Uncovered the Monte, went over a couple things, tightened the header bolts, etc. I finished up an engine swap at the beginning of winter, the test drive at that point was cut short as I passed a truck salting the roads. Went for a drive today and found out there's an oil leak or two to attend to. That's tomorrow's project.
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                Yes, I'm a CarJunkie... How many times would YOU rebuild the same engine before getting a crate motor?


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                  On the Mustang, replaced the headlight units, the old ones were fogged over and I was having trouble seeing at night. Also new wipers and put the registration sticker on the license plate. On the truck I plugged in the new fuel pump, turned the key, and discovered I probably have to chase down a wiring problem.


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                    Installed HID headlights in my 05 Grand Cherokee and I also worked on my Chevy LS motor . Installed a new Comp Cams billet timing chain set , GMPP oil pump , windage tray , and oil pump pickup .


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                      Originally posted by oletrux4evr View Post
                      Washed the salt off the Camaro......I hate winter.
                      wow. someone drives one..
                      I did the wash chore today as well.

                      it is rewarding now, it used to be "leave the crap on it, I do not know what failed" to..

                      "this is ten times tougher than it has never been.."

                      I do not mind washing today. You know those squishy years of young cars, a broken grille could move the radiator stucture or off align a headlamp, as if the plastic is as tough as the damn sheet metal.. all kinds of dumbass things to survive.

                      today I got one sailing through the sandy highway at 90mph , cracked right down the middle.. 360k miles, 3 subes and 27 years gone by.

                      Steel surroundings owns it all.

                      there is a win, does not matter the car. Some are worth a winter ride and a wash job.
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                        Ordered a bump steer kit. Now if I can find the missing caliper for the spindles that got lost in the move

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                          I broke into the locked glove box and replaced the lock. Believe it or not it's easier to steal the car.

                          "EDIT" also ordered some door panels & carpet
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                            Carried a box into the house that the UPS guy delivered and removed the new aluminum driveshaft from said box while my wife rolled her eyes at me.
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                              Originally posted by 1970camaroRS View Post
                              Carried a box into the house that the UPS guy delivered and removed the new aluminum driveshaft from said box while my wife rolled her eyes at me.
                              Here's a mind blower...
                              I left a Firebird catalog sitting on the table today and I caught my wife flipping through it.