Early Classic Trucks From Lone Star Throwdown. Old Iron Is Good Iron!

Early Classic Trucks From Lone Star Throwdown. Old Iron Is Good Iron!

We’ve got more Lone Star Throwdown Photos! I’ve only got two galleries left to finish out the week after this, and these are the only classic trucks we got photos of at the show. There just weren’t that many on site, but what was there was fun to see. I love old trucks, as does everyone else, so you’ll want to check this one out.

If you like custom trucks, like to party, and would like to enjoy both in one place, then the Lone Star Throwdown is an event you are not going to want to miss next year. This year’s event was huge, the weather was perfect, and the trucks came from all over the country to show off. Plus, every single parts vendor you care about was on hand showing off suspension systems, engines, accessories, tools and more. This is an event with something for everyone, and while we only spent the day, you could easily spend two or three here and really have some fun. Because we were only there for the day, we ended up having to bonzai through the thing to make sure we got photos of everything we possibly could, so we could share them with all of you.

And boy did we get photos. Hundreds of them, and we want to share them all with all of you guys and gals. We’ve got early classics, Fords, Dodges, GMC and Chevrolet, as well as imports, Internationals, and more. Lifted, lowered, bagged and body dropped, tubbed and turbocharged, and engine swapped to who said it. All the trucks on hand had it going on, and because of the way this show is organized it was easy to run around and see them all. If we had more time we probably could have just sat next to the cruise route, a giant loop around the inside of the grounds, and shot photos of the trucks as they idled by.

No matter what you like, we probably have something close, as Lone Star Throwdown (LST) went off big this year.



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