1320Stories – Episode 1: How Kyle Loftis Started 1320Video 20 Years Ago

1320Stories – Episode 1: How Kyle Loftis Started 1320Video 20 Years Ago

I first met Kyle from 1320Video at the very first Drag Week in 2005. I had never heard of him but realized that a few of the videos of the Parish Turbo Truck I had seen, were in fact made by Kyle. I met Kyle, the truck’s owner Jim, Scott Clark, and a whole host of the Omaha crew on that trip and we were fast friends. Little did we know that Kyle and I would spend decades on the wall, behind a camera, and covering events together for our own respective outlets. I’ve been fortunate enough to travel the country with Kyle and his team for years now and it is hard to believe that it’s been 18 years since that first meeting. You won’t find anyone more enthusiastic about the job, or better at putting together a team of people who truly love the work and the people they work with. Here’s the story of how it all began. You’ll dig it!

Video Description:

This is the first of many videos to come of a new series we call 1320 Stories. We travel all over the world and meet some incredible people in the automotive community. While we witness some incredible automotive related things ourselves, we hear tons of amazing stories as well. This is our way of getting those stories out into the world for everyone to enjoy! In this episode, we talk to Kyle about how he started 1320Video. He tells stories from the early days of street racing and even earlier periods of his life when his love for cars really started to develop. Tons of ups and downs and everything in between that nobody has heard until now! We hope you enjoy and look forward to the next episode.

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