Alex Taylor Runs 200 Mph In Her ’55 Chevy! That’s Hauling In A Shoebox!

Alex Taylor Runs 200 Mph In Her ’55 Chevy! That’s Hauling In A Shoebox!

When Bob Johnson drove his 1955 Chevrolet past 200 mph at Bonneville almost 9 years ago it was the first time that a stock-bodied 1955 Chevrolet had been over 200 mph on the salt. Other than some lettering, a parachute mount, and a push bar, the car looked like your average hot rod. It was impressive as hell. Now, in 2022, Alex Taylor has done the same thing in the quarter mile behind the wheel of her nearly stock bodied 1955 Chevrolet. Hers does have some carbon fiber parts on it, but they are all to stock dimensions as they were built off molds made from OE Chevrolet sheet metal.

Her car does have a big spoiler on the back, but it’s still a bad as ride and super impressive that this street car runs a number like this. They are on their quest for a 6 second pass, and I can tell you it is coming not long after this 200 mph run.

Watch the video and you’ll see.

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Video Description:

BAMMM!! Talk about a WILD pass. We almost hit the 6 second pass but came up short… but we are officially in the 200 mph club with the 55! After having the trans out one. more. time. We finally had the issue resolved. Also – side note. But I have been busy with a new gig I hopped on at MotorTrend in Hot Rod Garage – but no worries, YT and drag racing isn’t going anywhere. Just had to adjust to a new schedule! So much fun stuff coming up. Stay tuned 🙂 Thanks to Ryan, Patrick, and Alex Skrzypek for working with DT and I 🙌🏼


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