Coffeyville Street Drags Postponed Until May 13th, Due To Weather

Coffeyville Street Drags Postponed Until May 13th, Due To Weather

Because of severe weather in the area, and the expectation that it will continue through Saturday’s schedule Coffeyville Street Drags, the event has been postponed until May 13th. Stay tuned for more information on the event, our LIVE STREAM, and more.

When Justin and the guys from the Coffeyville Street Drags reached out to us and said they wanted to know if we might be interested in coming to cover the Coffeyville Street Drags in 2017, our response was “Hell YES!” or something slightly more colorful. But you get the point. If you haven’t heard of the Coffeyville Street Drags then you have been living under a rock for the past few years as it has become known as one of the coolest, and most fun, street racing events on the planet thanks to a very encouraging and understanding community in Kansas.

The racing is done on a real street, with 90 feet of concrete and then real live asphalt baby! Racing down the road, through a field, and towards the RV park is what this racing is all about. With the incredible growth they have seen has come challenges, and this year there are some really awesome changes that are going down to not only help with traffic flow for racers getting onto the track, but also to bring even more attention to this amazing race!

“We’re really proud to be associated with this amazingly fun grassroots event. The Coffeyville Street Drags are put on not as some giant money making venture, but rather to help promote drag racing in a safe environment. They do it for the good of the sport and hobby, which is EXACTLY what we are all about here at” said Co-Founder and Publisher of, Chad Reynolds.

More details will be coming as we get closer to the first race of the season in April, but know that we here at are looking forward to bringing you right down into the action. And we want you to come join us! The race is April 29, 2017 and for more information you need to check out COFFEYVILLESTREETDRAGS.COM

And if you are wondering how close this racing really is, check this amazing photo finish video out from the event. Too close to call? Someone had to win, but who was it?

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