PRI Show Photos: Visiting The PRI Show In Indy Is Like Waking Up In Santa’s Workshop If All They Made Was Race Parts!

PRI Show Photos: Visiting The PRI Show In Indy Is Like Waking Up In Santa’s Workshop If All They Made Was Race Parts!

Yeah, this would be the best version of the north pole, that’s for sure. With nothing but race parts, cars, trucks, and the tools to make them it’s one of the coolest places on earth and we dig it. I am serious when I say that the PRI show is almost too much to handle in three days, but not just because it is huge, but also because the number of cool parts, pieces, and tools are overwhelming. We’ve got a lot of galleries from the show, so check them all out. And if you are just getting started with our coverage, don’t worry there is a link below to see everything we’ve posted so far, and we’ll have a new gallery up each day this week as well. I swear PRI felt bigger than ever to me after being gone last year, but it’s back and so are the racers, builders, crew chiefs and owners. It was a riot and we can’t wait for next year!

It’s December in Indy, and that means that while the rest of the country is trying to shop, decorate, and plan for the holidays, every racer, crew chief, car owner, and cool dude in the country is here checking out all the racing and performance goodness the aftermarket has to offer. This is the baddest trade show on the planet and we love it. It’s got the best of the best and everything here is racing-related. There are no chrome accessories, no show car parts, and nothing that doesn’t help make power or put it to the ground. All the racers, crew chiefs, and teams are here checking out everything new and preparing for the new season and car builders are here selling new cars for 2022 as well. If you want the check out the latest and greatest and are looking for the best new parts for your engine, chassis, drivetrain, or race operation, this is the place to be.

Coming to this show means you’ll see race cars from every kind of motorsport, plus tractor pull tractors, trucks, haulers, and more. This is one of those places where you are drooling over parts everywhere you turn and that is awesome. I love this show and can tell you that if you are a racer then this is the trade show specifically for you without a bunch of stuff you don’t care about.

Here are our first batch of photos, and I’ll be shooting more all day today so you can check them out too.


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