Duct Tape Drags Photos: Check Out The Interesting Rides In The Car Show

Duct Tape Drags Photos: Check Out The Interesting Rides In The Car Show

Here’s our third gallery of photos from the Duct Tape Drags in Tucson. We’ve got car show photos right here thanks to our friend Wes Allison. We’ve got plenty more where this came from, so check back to see the rest of the action too!

(Photos by Wes Allison) Our Duct Tape Drags photos start right here. This is David Freiburger’s new event that came about after MotorTrend decided that the Zip Tie Drags were no longer going to happen. So Freiburger partnered up with Tucson Dragway to put together their own event that maintains the spirit of the Zip Tie drags but with a personality all its own. In its second year, Duct Tape Drags has become something truly special. Featuring the Battle of the Beaters Race, Test & Tune, A Doughnut Pit, Autograph Sessions, Bonfires, and plenty of fun, the Duct Tape drags features Freiburger and friends doing what they do.

There were lots of YouTube celebrities on hand, signing autographs, tearing up the dragstrip, and doing burnouts. Fun was had by all, that’s for sure. Plus there were tons of folks on hand who just brought their rides to enter the car show.

Our first gallery of photos was nothing but action from the burnout pit, so if you like lots of tire smoke then that is the gallery for you!


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