2013 Cobra Jet #33 Is Up For Sale. 15 Miles, Never Raced, Better Sales Video Than Ford Ever Thought To Do!

2013 Cobra Jet #33 Is Up For Sale. 15 Miles, Never Raced, Better Sales Video Than Ford Ever Thought To Do!

2013 Ford Cobra Jet Mustang #33 is up for sale from the guys at Bullet Motorsports, and they’ve put together a video that is arguably better than anything Ford or GM ever puts out about their cars. It’s short and sweet, but it gets the point across with a punch, in the form of some Metallica playing in the background. Gotta love that! It’s totally fitting for a black Cobra Jet that is one of only 50 built in 2013. I’m not a Ford guy, and I’d own this sucker.

According to the ad, Cobra Jet #33 has 15 miles on it, which includes initial Ford testing and delivery miles only, as it has never been raced. It’s equipped with the twin cam 5.0 Coyote engine and 2.9L Whipple supercharger, a C4 automatic, all the Aeromotive Cobra Jet goodies, as well as great parts from Strange, Weld, and more. As everyone knows these cars are capable of incredibly stupid ETs for a Stock Eliminator contender that comes straight from the factory.

The black with black/red/white graphics is our favorite color combo by the way, and the one we’ve seen least out at the racetrack.

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 3

You can’t argue about the power potential of a supercharged Coyote.

For a car that is built by the factory to run deep 9 second passes is truly impressive in anyone’s book. The fact that teams have them running 8, and even 7, second passes is truly spectacular. What excites us most about the Cobra Jet Mustang program is the fact that it has spurred an entirely new battle between the big three on the drag strip. COPO Camaros and Drag Pak Challengers are battling it out with the Cobra Jet for the title of baddest factory racer, and it has been a riot to watch.

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 4

Rear seat removal, Recaro race buckets up front, no sound deadening, an NHRA Certified Roll Cage, and more make this a race ready or museum ready piece. Every detail is as delivered.

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 6

As far as we are concerned this is the best color combo ever offered on the new Cobra Jet Mustangs.

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 5

Aeromotive supplies the fuel systems for every Cobra Jet that came off the line. The Eliminator pump, regulator, and Aeromotive filtration make it a rock solid platform capable of supporting anything the 5.0 and Whipple can muster.

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 9

Not only can you see the Cobra Jet specific rear suspension, Strange 9 inch rear, etc. But check out how clean and untouched the bottom of this car is. It’s show worthy for sure, but we’d like to line it up and give it a few runs at least.

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 8

Imagine what the brass told the first guy to have the balls to bring up the idea of a car like this. LOL

Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 7

Clean and simple, but trick.


Cobra Jet #33 Bullet Motorsports 1

We don’t have the cheddar to buy this bad boy, but we sure hope some BangShifter does so that we can at least share in the joy of owning one. No matter how far removed.


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