Wishes You A Happy Independence Day! Enjoy This Amazing Performance Of The Start Spangled Banner. Wishes You A Happy Independence Day! Enjoy This Amazing Performance Of The Start Spangled Banner.

On behalf of myself, Brian Lohnes, and all our families, would like to wish you all a happy, healthy, and safe Independence Day. Happy Birthday to the United States of America! We’re 247 years old today, and with all the craziness, divisiveness, hate, and fear that has gripped our nation, let’s take today to remember one truth. FREEDOM. It defines us. It’s what gives us the ability, the right, the privilege to disagree and to be vocal about it. This special day in our history isn’t about fireworks, or hot rods, or hot dogs, it’s about freedom. Freedom to enjoy those things, to relish them, and to express our passions.

On this day remember, and celebrate, those that came before us and helped form this great land of ours. The men and women of our past have pushed, sacrificed, and persevered so that this country would continue to grow and prosper. We owe it to them, and those generations to come, to do our best to keep our country safe and prosperous. Celebrate our freedom, celebrate our history, and celebrate your families. As usual we’ll be working on our junk, covering races, and talking hot rods and racing today and we hope you will be too. Enjoy a beverage or three, a hot dog or hamburger or three, and be safe. That is what today is about.

We love you, we love these United States of America, and we want you to think about that as you enjoy the weekend off. Remember the United in United States of America. We may not always agree with each other, but we must stay United in order to fulfill our pledge to this great nation. Many have sacrificed their lives and families to protect that unity, do not tarnish it with hate and divisiveness. Thank you to all our active military, veterans, and first responders for keeping us safe and united. We couldn’t have done it without you.

The Star Spangled Banner is being performed below by the United States Army Field Band at Fort McHenry, where the battle that inspired the Star Spangled Banner was fought. Check it out. And turn it up.

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