Alex Taylor’s 6-second 1955 Chevy Chassis Planning And First Tubing Being Bent

Alex Taylor’s 6-second 1955 Chevy Chassis Planning And First Tubing Being Bent

In this installment of Alex Taylor’s 6-second ’55 Chevy build you’ll get a preview of some of the parts going in this sucker as well as the planning that goes into building a chassis like this that will perform and that will pass technical inspection. Going 7’s requires more chassis that going 8’s, but going into the 6’s is a completely different level. Not only because the speed and ET requires it, but also because the power level required to achieve these performance goals takes an even bigger toll on the chassis.

Anyone that knows me, knows my affinity for patina on great Chevrolet’s and that it all started with my 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air Station Wagon. So you can imagine that the newest project that Alex and Dennis Taylor are working on hits home for me. After all, this 1955 Chevrolet started out in pretty ugly shape. Of course now it will have a full tube chassis, and a jillion horsepower, so it would be completely understandable if they decided to paint the thing and make it pretty after all that work. But thankfully they are not!

Nope, Dennis Taylor, a man with amazing skills in the paint booth, is using them for the good of the patina and I love him for it. I’m sure it took a little bit to get used to the idea for Alex since here Camaro is such a nice looking car, but I’m sure her and her dad will have a great time racing this one. Don’t for a second think that the patina somehow means there won’t be a LOT of trick stuff going on with this one though. Besides a completely custom chassis, built by Alex and Dennis, there will also be a completely Taylor built fiberglass front end, doors, and more.

It will look like the stock body, but it will not be. Watch, and if you missed any of the previous videos click the link below.


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