The BTE Labor Day $100k Drag Racing Is Streaming LIVE For FREE, Right Here! Foot Brake Cars For The Win!

The BTE Labor Day $100k Drag Racing Is Streaming LIVE For FREE, Right Here! Foot Brake Cars For The Win!

It’s Labor Day Weekend folks and that means big money drag racing for many folks, and if they are attending the Coalburg Productions BTE Labor Day $100k then it could be an epic weekend of drag racing.  This is the first year for the BTE Labor Day $100K from Coalburg Promotions, the richest pay day in bottom bulb history! Yep, no delay boxes, no trans brakes, just leaving off the bottom bulb and hoping you’ve got what it takes to win. That means door car city folks and the wheels up drag racing you know and love. The purse for Friday was $10,000 as a warmup, and Sunday will be $10,000 again as the consolation prize, but Saturday is the $100k. We expect to see lots of great Stock and Super Stock racers going for it, as well as lots of big money bracket racing door car guys. This is going to be one to watch.

For those that don’t know, there are typically “Pro” and “Super Pro”, or equivalent, classes in Bracket Racing. Pro is a no delay box class, but trans brakes are still allowed. In Super Pro the racers can use delay boxes and are allowed a trans brake as well. Pro is referred to as Bottom Bulb racing because the racer leaves the starting line based on the bottom bulb of the tree. In Super Pro it is often referred to as Top Bulb racing as the driver will release the trans brake button the instant they see the top amber flash, as if they were leaving on a Pro Tree. The Delay Box has an amount of delay in it, that is defined by the driver (usually somewhere around 1.1 seconds) and that amount of delay will occur before the trans brake actually releases. Simple, and effective, and to many more consistent than leaving off the bottom bulb. With that said, the trans brake is still allowed in either class. Footbrake on the other hand, is a different thing because the driver will actually have his or her foot on the brake and throttle at the same time and when the lights of the .500 Sportsman Tree start blinking down, they will leave when they know they need to in order to be as close to a perfect .000 reaction time as possible. They are usually leaving sometime during the third and final yellow before the green comes on.

Keep in mind, footbrake bottom bulb racers regularly cut .020 and better reaction times. They aren’t slouches by any stretch. It will take someone running .010 reaction times consistently throughout the day to take home this $100k purse today.

Watch and enjoy!

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