Tim McAmis Talks Fire Systems: Every Race Car Should Have One, Watch And Learn

Tim McAmis Talks Fire Systems: Every Race Car Should Have One, Watch And Learn

Anyone that knows me knows that my friends and I are pretty serious about race car safety. Fire systems, proper belts, helmets, fire suits, shoes, gloves, etc, all matter. We’ve all been through some circumstance or another that reminds us just how important all the safety measures are that are built into any good race car or fast street car. I have close personal friends, like Lyle Barnett, who have been incredibly fortunate to have survived horrible racing incidents. Talented race car builders have been equipping cars with top notch safety equipment for decades, but now that home builders can build a car capable of running incredibly quick and fast it is more important than ever for safety to be front and center so that these home builders also know how to keep themselves safe.

Quite often, racers focus only on going fast rather than being safe. More times than I can count, I have heard someone talking about how they don’t want to spend $250 on an engine diaper, but will spend $5000 on a set of cylinder heads to go 2/10ths quicker. This is not smart. Thankfully, guys like McAmis are talking safety and want to educate everyone on what to use and how.

Watch the video below and if you are in the market for a great fire system, use the link below to visit Mag’s Fabworx. They can sell you a system, install one for you, or just give you advice on a system for your vehicle. Don’t forget to tell them that Chad from BANGshift sent you.


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