Event Preview: Street Car Takeover Bowling Green

Event Preview: Street Car Takeover Bowling Green

Drag racing…I’ve missed it. I’ve enjoyed the projects at home, I’ve enjoyed a relaxed travel schedule, and I fully understand why things are the way they are, but man, does it feel…wrong. I’m used to coming home smelling of race fuel, burnt rubber and the distinct odor that occurs when someone my size is out in hot and humid temperatures far too long. I miss the beautiful tones of the engines. I miss the fun of it all, the atmosphere, the mechanical violence, the trackside food, all of it. Which means that I was over the moon to see that Street Car Takeover Bowling Green was still a go. With the way this year has gone, there was no guarantee that any of this was going to happen, so when I dropped in to get my pass, I was pleased to see cars. I was not so pleased to see that racing was starting in a couple of hours. Blame it on poor planning, but I didn’t think that Friday night was going to have any action.

Yes, it’s been that long since I’ve been to a proper race, not counting Rocky Mountain Race Week. Don’t bother commenting, I know.

So I did the smart thing: I quickly walked around and snapped a few photos in the daylight before hauling ass back to the house, with my wife on the phone as she put the camera battery on the charger. You’ll see plenty of shots from the action later in the evening soon, but for now, here’s what was on the ground. Click on a photo below to check them out:

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