FREE LIVE STREAMING VIDEO: Big Money Bracket Racing At Heartland Motorsports Park’s House Of Speed Shootout

FREE LIVE STREAMING VIDEO: Big Money Bracket Racing At Heartland Motorsports Park’s House Of Speed Shootout

Big money bracket racing takes over HMP with the Inaugural House of Speed Shootout July 15-18, 2021. Bracket racers, you do not want to miss one of the biggest paying events in Kansas history! Compete for $20,000 to win on Saturday night, and a pair of $10,000 to win events Friday and Sunday for the low low entry of $399 – or double enter for $749! Racers will be split into No-Box, Box Door Car, and Box Dragster, all classes eighth mile, payouts starting at third round winner, and all payouts GUARANTEED!

Here are the rules and other info for the event:

64-Car Shootout contestants will be called to the lanes Thursday at 5pm for one (1) test hit.  6pm will be first round of eliminations, with the remaining rounds to follow.  If you are signed up for the test and tune, you will not be eligible to make test passes after 5pm.  If you are not signed up for the test and tune, you will still receive the one (1) test hit at 5pm.

Racers looking to purchase individual day entries will do so at the registration building–not in advance.

Spectator/Crew are $10 per day for Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday; or $30 for a full weekend (Wednesday-Sunday) pass.

Racers are NOT required to pre-register but receive a discount on entry fees for doing so.  There is no limit on total event entries EXCEPT for Thursday’s 64-car shootout.

64-Car Shootout: All racers entered in the 64-car shootout will be called to the lanes for an optional time trial prior to Round #1 of eliminations.  Racers who purchase a Test & Tune entry as well as a 64-Car Shootout entry will be able to make time run passes prior to Round #1 of eliminations, but NOT after.

Sunoco 100 and 110 octane fuel will be available at the fuel pumps.  91 Octane no-ethanol fuel also available.

Entries accepted up until completion of Buyback round.  Racers who do not receive a win light in round #1 eligible to buyback.

Delay Boxes MUST be removed from vehicle prior to making a pass in No-Box category.  If a racer is found to have a delay box in their vehicle while making a pass in No-Box category, they will be disqualified from that day’s event without question.

Rules listed on bottom of the flyer: 1/8 Mile • All payouts guaranteed • No-Box, Box Dragster, Box Door Car Separated • No-Box separate until winner then merged with Box Door Car • Last Box Door-Car in line races first Box Dragster • Sportsman ladder at 16 or less based on previous round Reaction Time, package is tiebreaker • Maximum one earned bye run per driver prior to ladder • First round bye random draw, then best Reaction Time, package is tiebreaker • Bye run carries with winning vehicle • Vehicle and driver can go down track a maximum of twice per round • First Round Buyback only • Buybacks race each other to enter second round of race • If lanes run out of left/right pairs, first driver in line picks lane • Broke cars will be given two minutes to start prior to ready line, 30 seconds afterwards • Vehicle swap prohibited after eliminations have begun • Driver safety equipment mandatory for relevant et/speed • Race Director has Final Call • Schedule Subject to Change at any time.

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