John Deer Race Truck, 2000 HP Stick C6 + THE 1320 CREW RACES! & MORE! (Race Week 2.0 Day 1)

John Deer Race Truck, 2000 HP Stick C6 + THE 1320 CREW RACES! & MORE! (Race Week 2.0 Day 1)

It’s the fall drag and drive season and that means it is time for Race Week! Also known as Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0, or Race Week 2.0, this is the second event of the year for the Rocky Mountain Race Week crew and we love them for it. While the first race of the year is always featuring Rocky Mountain scenery and drives, Race Week has always been based further east with Texas and Oklahoma being prominent in the routes and tracks. But this year, with the announcement that Bandimere Speedway would be closing, Matt and June thought it would be best if they celebrated the rockies one more time before this iconic racing facility closed for good. And when they put this option out to all those interested in registering for the event, the overwhelming majority wanted to visit the Rockies again.

So here we are! With the 1320Video crew on hand, along with our live streaming video, you can find out just about everything you want that is happening on track and on the road.

Here is the first video of the week from our friends at 1320video and if you don’t want to miss out on all the rest, make sure you check back in with us daily!

Video Description:

Race Week 2.0 has begun! Were so excited to be back and see so many familiar faces and cars! This year we have some friendly competition of our own and lots of awesome racers to keep up with as the week goes on! Stay tuned in with our daily videos as we embark on this week long traveling drag racing show!

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