Morning Symphony: Jeep SRT Running At WannaGoFast In Virginia

Morning Symphony: Jeep SRT Running At WannaGoFast In Virginia

I’m starting to get amped up. Here in a couple of days, Angry Grandpa is going back to BFNY Performance for a bit of attention, then it will immediately head out to a track. It’s racing time, and I’m already planning out what I’ll need. I’ve got fresh drag radials on my track wheels, will be checking the spark plugs to see how they look (it’s been about 75,000 miles since I changed them) and I’m hoping to show dramatic improvement over what our Chrysler 300C has done. I don’t expect twelves, because it’ll be surface-of-the-sun hot out where I’m going, but here’s hoping.

Meantime, while I’m trying to piece together the tool kits, ripping out the backseat, and putting together my track gear, I could stand to hear some monster modern Mopar through the speakers, and what better thing to listen to than a worked over SRT Jeep? The WK Grand Cherokees aren’t in the same league as the recently released Trackhawk stock for stock, but there are several monster wagons out there that will go from a dead stop to “Jesus, that brick can move!” in short order. It’s like watching a brick get catapulted off of the deck of an aircraft carrier – awesome!

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