Morning Symphony: The Moonshine Missile Granada At Lights Out 11

Morning Symphony: The Moonshine Missile Granada At Lights Out 11

of If you haven’t been following the antics of Chad and the Team Bigun group of guys for the $10K Shootout series, you need to. A combination of racing know-how, parts working and the bent to have a ton of fun along the way have made for a great combination. In 2018, the “Beer Money” Fox Mustang took the win for the show and for 2019, possibly as a knock for showing up as the winners, the team was handed another Fox Body to play with…in the form of a prosthetic leg beige 1982 Ford Granada station wagon. Kind of makes you wonder what they did to piss of those behind the scenes, doesn’t it? It certainly wasn’t what the team had intended on building…a Chevrolet S-10 had their full attention…but if the Fox platform can work once, it can work again!

So it was built. Big-block Chevrolet on nitrous, Turbo 400, a diet, and it was good. Then it got strapped to the trailer that caught fire in New Mexico and got it’s nose roasted. That meant that the team had to go back and rebuild pretty much everything firewall-forward in order to make it to Lights Out 11 at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Of course, that was handled. And chances are good that you already know how this story ends. But this isn’t time to tell the story…it’s time to get a quick earful of nitrous Chevrolet, and time to see what a shot of moonshine in the morning is all about. It’s a great way to start your day!

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