Big Fat Fender Flares For The Mongrel Project: If Size Matters, Then Urch Is Winning

Big Fat Fender Flares For The Mongrel Project: If Size Matters, Then Urch Is Winning

These are some big flares. The Mongrel has always had a big fender flare look and plan since its inception, but these rear flares have taken on a whole new chapter of big is beautiful. It is the first installment from Matt’s new shop too, so we’re glad to see him getting back at it. I’m sure videos will start flying out the door now, and the Mongrel is getting close enough to done that we’re starting to get excited about seeing it run and drive. I’m interested to see how he’s planning to finish the now wider rear flares, but overall I’m sure it will be something cool and exciting like we have come to expect from this project.

I don’t know what it is about the Mongrel project that i love so much, but there is something about this crazy little Ford that I love. And that is saying something for me, since I’m such a diehard Chevrolet guy. This Ford 100e has been grafted to a Mazda MX5 Miata chassis and is going to be a drifting and handling machine that will be a riot to watch on the track. In the 51 episodes covering the build, Matt from Urchfab has done everything from rust repair to roll cage fabrication and every single thing in between. And while the big stuff, like the roll cage, is certainly fun to watch him make and customize, it is the small stuff that really shows off his thought process, fabrication ideas, and more. We love this stuff and it inspires us to get in the shop to start fabricating on our own projects.

Also, don’t forget that Urchfab merchandise is for sale!


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