Money No Object: BATTLEGOAT! This 1965 Pontiac GTO Is Too Damn Good!

Money No Object: BATTLEGOAT! This 1965 Pontiac GTO Is Too Damn Good!

Ever since I met Chris DeWeese and the 1964 Chevelle SS known as “The Bus”, old stock cars from the 1960s and 1970s have been on my radar. I’ve narrowly avoided a couple of Dodge Aspens that were gutted, caged and complete, ready for a new engine and a state inspection so that they could go back onto the street. Even if you aren’t a fan of NASCAR racing or circle track racing in general, you have to at least concede that there is something brutal and purposeful about the appearance of a prepared car that actually is based on a road-going variation instead of a template silhouette racer. Wide by wider rolling stock, sheetmetal lines like you’d see in the dealership lots, and a V8 that was tuned by the dirtiest guy in the shop because he was the one who knew every last possible secret, probably due to the side business he’ll never talk about…all day long, we’d take one of these machines. And if we can put it on the street, like DeWeese did with the Chevelle, all the better.

Here’s the copy-paste from the eBay listing regarding this particular car:

A unique piece of history here.To begin with this is a REAL GTO, I have PHS docs on the car.  The vin number is not correct on this listing due to the vin tag is in my safe deposit box as is the body tag due to the building of the car they were removed and preserved.  In 1968 it was acquired by a gentlman in Las Vegas who was an avid and well known racer.  The car was sponsored by Vegas lock and key.  In 68 and 69, 85,000 was put into getting the car built and budgeted to race at Riverside where it won repeatedly.   This due in part to a 69 Ram Air IV motor that it ran with a Muncie 4 sp and well designed ford 9 inch setup under the rear.  The car qualified to Race at Daytona in Feb of 1971 and according to the historical sources there claim this to be the only GTO to have ever done so. In the pictures is a shot of the car in the pits during the race.  It competed in the Permatex 300.  Now the story gets fun.  The day after the race it was parked and never fired again.  The EXACT decals, tires, rims, seat, and best of all motor  are as the day it was parked in Feb of 71.  I have only done a couple things to the car. I’ve debated strongly whether or not to part with this as I have a nice Pontiac collection and this car is a showstopper.   I replaced the wheels and had these pictured painted the original pearl white that the originals were ( I still have the original rims and tires) . The paint still shows the gold leaf remnants that adorned the car.  All the roll cage and frame was painted pearl white.  It was an absolutely gorgeous car in its day. It won many many awards for appearance.  The headrest is still in the EXACT position it was when raced that final time.
Far too many details of the build to discussed over a call.  The best part is the motor in this story.  I assumed it was a total loss. Upon removing it  I noticed every bolt was easily removed once loosened. It was obvious it was a fresh motor aassembly with one run. Clutch is perfect. My engine builder has built two IV’s for me.  This block was standard bore and flawless and is a TRUE 69 RA IV 4 bolt 9792506 WW block and was topped with a pair of 70 614 heads and a correct 69 RA IV intake manifold It’s been machined ,   bored .30 over and ready to assemble with a roller cam and absolutely the best internals to either race or stare at!  The heads are cc’d and a work of art. It’s running an ignorant cam btw..a Holley spreadbore is also with the motor. The sale of the car will include the completed motor, built , started and broke in on an engine stand, dialed in and retorqued the following day. My engine builder is and has been a legend in building race engines. The existence of a real 69 RA IV is very rare.  This car is rare.  Found below the seat in the springs were the data plates, and two tickets for this race signed by Red Farmer who won the race that day.  This car placed 24th.  Both beat Darrel Waltrip that day! Winning bidder has the option of having the engine installed or crated.  I have additional items of interest to include.  I reserve the right to end the auction early.  I will also add that there is not a drop of rust in this car.  Fenders were flared beautifully in the rear also.  Good luck and enjoy a rare snippet of history. I can also be reached at 801 347 6366 for more details. The rollcage is intricate and extensive,  doors dont open its a crawl into car.  I’ve had estimates for curiosity sake to duplicate this car and the 3 builder’s all of whom build circle track estimated  this amount of work couldn’t be looked at for less than 150 thousand in just body and chasis. More pics on demand if desired. Car comes with a  bill of sale. It hasn’t been titled since it was built.  I have researched the vin and all is clean. I can also apply for and get a utah title.  The original was lost many many years ago. I inserted the correct vin in the listing.

Get it. Get that engine back between the framerails. Get the car legal, either by the VIN or by a state inspection while claiming “old stock car”. Get this thing back on the road and get to scaring half the population while those that understand give you thumbs-up and other gestures of approval as you prowl along.

eBay Link: 1965 Pontiac GTO

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