Slideways!!! Our Formula Drift Coverage Continues Right Here With More Tire Smoke And Sideways Action!

Slideways!!! Our Formula Drift Coverage Continues Right Here With More Tire Smoke And Sideways Action!

(Photos by Cole Reynolds) I didn’t used to like drifting that much. It still isn’t a motorsport I follow closely, but I sure to enjoy it more now than ever. In fact, I have fun announcing drift events and being a part of the action. Hell, I’d even consider putting together a car that I could take out drifting and run in some Sideshow events as well. Drifting is one of those motorsport events that can be really polarizing, but whether you say you like it or not there is nothing any gearhead can say bad about engines on the chip and tire smoke. Come on, that’s as American as it gets and we love it. So when Formula Drift came to the Lonestar State we knew we had to head out and get some photos, plus Cole was super excited to be able to go. We’ve been asked to go to cover FD in the past, but it has never worked out schedule wise. Cole has been wanting to go for some time, so when he got his BANGshift media credential he was ready to go snap photos and make some cool stuff happen. This is the first small batch of photos, but there will be plenty more coming over the next few days. You are definitely going to want to check them out.

Here is what Cole had to say about the event.

Formula Drift Texas is underway out at Texas Motor Speedway. This is an event I have always wanted to shoot at. I have followed FD for two years now and thought that it was time for me to experience it myself.

Today was just practice rounds while Friday is mainly Pro 2 competition and Saturday is Pro 1 competition. Today was filled with a lot of people breaking parts, going off track, and just trying to get a feel for the track conditions. This weekend will be very hot which will be good for some drivers, while other drivers will struggle to find grip where they need it.

We will have more photos up from the event within the coming days so keep an eye out for them. Also check out the Bangshift Instagram page to possibly see some live video from the event.



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