Check Out This Mercedes Fire Truck! We Want This German Beast Bad!

Check Out This Mercedes Fire Truck! We Want This German Beast Bad!

I’ve always wanted to take a big fire engine, or pumper more specifically, and pull the rear apart to make a really really cool ramp truck. But other than that, I’m not really some big fire engine nut. I mean who hasn’t dreamt of driving the giant ladder truck trailer, but that’s just a given. Besides that, I’m not usually that guy that gets all excited about them. Until now.

This Mercedes Fire Truck is of course no “normal” fire truck in that it really would have been more of a command center type vehicle. But that’s why we like it! Can you imagine this thing as the BangShift Mobile Command Center? I think it would rule all and who’s going to argue with me!


Here is all the info from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE ORIGINAL EBAY AD

Just in time for Oktoberfest!  A classic German Feuerwehr vehicle from the Katastrophenschutz Service (Civil Defense), originally stationed in the city of Ellingen in Bavaria.  It is always an eye catcher in parades and gatherings.

This is a 1981 vehicle made by Mercedes-Benz, with very low mileage of 26,305 KM which is just over 16,000 miles.  Engine is a Mercedes OM616 diesel (basically the same as in the Mercedes 240D car), which can also run on biodiesel. 

There is a separate diesel fired block heater made by Webasto under the driver seat which is intended to maintain engine temperature for quick start during cold weather, although I have never tried this device since I am in Florida. 

Rear wheels are duals. 

Condition of the vehicle is excellent since it has always been stored indoors.  Tires, brakes, muffler, undercarriage, body, interior, etc are all in very good order.  

Rear end gear ratio has been upgraded to allow for normal speeds, as the previous gear ratio had a top end speed of around 50 MPH, and is now around 70 MPH.

The blue emergency light on the roof works, and is controlled via a switch on the dash.  There is also an additional amber colored light that comes with the vehicle in case a different color is desired. 

Middle compartment for crew has a work area (previously used by the radio operator in Katastrophenschutz duty) with a desk, drawers, cabinets, and underseat storage area.

Large overhead door on the back slides up to allow access to the rear storage compartment which has built-in drawers and shelves.

Ladder on the back of the vehicle folds out for use, and then folds back for transport.

VIN number is 30911210504785.  Vehicle is titled in Florida and has no liens.

There are also a few fun items that I have collected over the past few years, such as Feuerwehr uniform patches, hats, breathing apparatus, and other fire fighting related articles that I can throw in with the vehicle.

This is a good clean vehicle that is a lot of fun!  And it can carry everything…

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