This BAJA Karmann Ghia Is A Bad Ass And Rare!

This BAJA Karmann Ghia Is A Bad Ass And Rare!

You almost never see Karmann Ghia’s built into Baja style rigs. I guess that’s because they are kind of the girly VW and most are done up as cute cruisers. We much prefer bugs, square backs, etc. but this Karman Ghia really does it for us. Not only does this one look cool, but it is also fully functional and just spent some time getting it’s sand on at Pismo. And the fender clearancing for the tires is perfect. In every way. We approve.

Sure, we’d add a cage, maybe a small roof rack, and build some kind of tire carrier into the cage so it stuck out the rear window, but that’s cause we are hard core. You could just drive the snot out of this thing and call it good. We’d do both.

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The motor is a stock 1600dual port with aftermarket filter and stinger exhaust. it is loud. it is old. it is a fun car if you want to just cruise around in. it is not a race car. it is not a desert prerunner. this is a perfect friday night or sunday morning cruise car. it is a perfect car for pismo. it is a perfect car for the river. this should not be taken anywhere there is a valet. this is not a pretty car. it looks good from ten feet away. there are scratches and dents. most of the interior is stripped. most of the molding is removed. i have a milk crate with almost all of the trim in it. i also have the orginal seats as stated below in the ad. the transmission was built this month (august 2016). it doesnt leak, it doesnt grind (unless you try to be an idiot with it). The trans is tight and the gears are firm. it has a new battery and starts fine, idles fine, pulls fine, etc. once again, THE PAPERWORK IS ALL UP TO DATE AND THIS CAR IS 100% STREET LEGAL.

Brand new Transaxle Engineering (Jeff Fields) pro-comp type 1, I have the build sheet for this recently completed trans. Coarse thread gears, hardened keys, welded 3rd and 4th, close ratio gears, lower 4.37 ring and pinion, new throw out bearing, etc., street legal! All paperwork is up to date and legal, no dmv crap to deal with. Lights work, high beams work, brake lights work, auxillary offroad lights (KC Lights) work, blinkers work, Honda prelude seats have been put in on lower sliders, I’m 6’2″ and fit with room to spare. Sitting on 31″ mud tires, new trans was built around larger tires and geared low. Cut and turned beam. Clearanced fenders. Fun car that gets tons of thumbs up. Definitely different. Will trade for a side by side, sand rail or another offroad toy. Or, as always, cash is king.

Tons of maintainance done on this car in the last month in preparation for desert season but my lady wants a cage and harnesses and I would rather just get into something that is already at that point.

Starts easy, runs perfect, no stutters or stalls. Fresh fluids throughout. Runs PERFECT. CLICK HERE TO EMAIL THE SELLER

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