C10 Nationals Photos: Nothing But Hot Rod, Custom, Lifted, Lowered, And Restored GM Trucks

C10 Nationals Photos: Nothing But Hot Rod, Custom, Lifted, Lowered, And Restored GM Trucks

Here’s our fourth gallery of photos from last weekend’s C10 Nationals in Texas. We’ve got a bunch more to share throughout the week, and if you missed any so far there is a link below that will take you right to them.

(Words and Photos by Chad Reynolds) The 2022 C10 Nationals at Texas Motor Speedway were HUGE this year. We had a race to go to on Saturday, so we visited the show Friday and shot a bunch of photos to share. We also got to look at some cool parts, talked to some friends, and just enjoyed the great collection of rides that were on site. We’re going to have photos for you for the next week, so check back often to see them all. And if you miss any, don’t worry we’ll have a link to any galleries you miss.

The C10 Nationals is an all GM truck show that welcomes not only C10s but also any other GM truck from 1947 to current. The vast majority of trucks that we saw on Friday afternoon were in fact 1960s through 1980s models, but there were a handful of the others as well. OBS trucks were of course hot, and Saturday’s crowd included a huge selection of trucks of all years. But staying true to its name, the largest number of trucks on site were in fact C10s. What a novel idea!

As the owner of an R30, aka a C30, I always am looking at square body trucks and there were a lot of cool ones on site. Of course, everyone loves a 1967-1972 C series truck as well, and there were some awesome examples on site.

Here’s our fourth gallery of photos, so check them out and remember that clicking on any of them below makes them big so you can swipe through them.



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