Jeeps, Jeeps, And More Jeeps! Nothing But Jeep Photos From The Lucas Off-Road Expo 2015

Jeeps, Jeeps, And More Jeeps! Nothing But Jeep Photos From The Lucas Off-Road Expo 2015

Just when you think you couldn’t possibly have seen a Jeep that was “different”, along comes one that makes you turn your head. And since there were literally hundreds of them at the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo in Pomona last weekend, we saw a jillion. It was extra cool because I took Daphne and Cole with me and they hadn’t really been exposed to the off-road world like that before. Sure they’ve been to the Lucas Oil Off-Road Racing Series several times, but that’s one particular group. The Lucas Off-Road Expo is ALL things off-road, and it was an eye opener.

What struck me most about the Jeeps in attendance was the number of 4 door Jeeps that are just huge. I mean I remember when a Jeep was small, but now these things are HUGE. HUGE HUGE HUGE. They look as big or bigger than my Suburban, especially when they are on 37-40 inch tall tires. It’s insane. Actually it’s more than insane considering most of these Jeeps weigh as much or more than my Suburban since they start out at only 800 lbs less in stock trim. Oh and they are 35 inches shorter than my Suburban but the wheelbase is only 14 inches less. And once the tires and such go on them they are taller and wider. Wow, Jeeps are getting crazy.

No wonder there are so many different styles and types both from the factory and from the aftermarket. Everyone has different tastes. I’ve never owned a Jeep, but if I had unlimited money I’d have to own a couple of them since I want an old Flatty as much as I want a new 4 door crawler. Oh well, just more to add to the “if I win the lotto” list.



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