Ridetech Recipe: This 2003 GMC Sierra Is Sleeper Gold With A Twin Turbo 6.0 Under The Hood

Ridetech Recipe: This 2003 GMC Sierra Is Sleeper Gold With A Twin Turbo 6.0 Under The Hood

It’s got a twin turbo LS under the hood, so it has to be good, but there is so much about this GMC Sierra that makes me want to own it. It’s got two major flaws, and we’ll cover how to fix those, but first lets go over the good stuff. Don’t judge me for saying this first, because I’m the one writing this. The interior in this thing is MINT. With 150k miles on it, a truck like this is a crap shoot and could just as easily have an interior ready to fall apart. It’s got a stereo system in it which makes me happy, because good music always goes with turbo noises. The twin turbo setup is from Speed Engineering, and features twin 64mm Turbonetics turbos. No generic junk here. And as you can see from the seller’s description below it has lots of good parts. But it is missing two critical things in my opinion, with a third that is optional as well.

First off, this sucker needs a transmission. The stocker is not up to the task and the seller knows it. I’d be calling my dudes at FTI Performance for a 4L80e to put in this bad boy so I could push the power and let her eat whenever I wanted without fear that the stupid 4L60e will fall out. This is an easy fix. Call FTI, tell them what you have, tell them you need a transmission and converter, and they send you what is needed and you thank them for taking your money. Easy peasy.

So that covers the must have smart upgrade that will be necessary for this truck to live.

BUT WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH THE STOCK RIDE HEIGHT!!!!!!!????????!!!!!!!????????

I didn’t know people still did that.

While I was waiting for the transmission to come from FTI, I would be going to Ridetech.com to order up their super bad ass suspension system for the New Body Style GM truck. I’m a huge fan of Ridetech air suspension, but on this one I think I would grab the complete coil over suspension system that includes tubular control arms, adjustable coil overs, sway bar, and drop spindles up front. Out back their 4-link suspension system with integrated notch would get the rear low and keep the tires planted when I dropped the hammer on that twin turbo 6 liter. This complete Ridetech suspension system will make this truck sit right, look right, and handle light years ahead of the way this thing does now. I’ll admit, lowering the truck will make it grab a bit more attention and might hurt the sleeper image a little. But the truth is, the likelihood that your lowered GMC Sierra has a twin turbo 6.0 under the hood is not high, so most folks won’t realize just what it can do. One other thing we would do….we’d have MacFab make us up a set of beadlock wheels that have the beadlock on the inside so people don’t see them as well. Sneaky.



No trades looking to sell only. Does lag a bit from 1st to 2nd gear shift (still stock 4l60). Other than that runs great has ac, heater, power steering etc. 2003 SIERRA 150k Miles Original V8 Truck Power Locks & Windows Clean Title / Clean CarFax A/C & Heater both work great Engine LQ4 6.0 317 Heads 228/228 TSP Cam / TSP Pushrods Pac 1219-16 Springs LS7 Lifters Speed Engineering Twin Turbo Kit Turbonetics 64MM Transmission 4L60E 3200 Stall Trans Cooler Rear end 4.30 TrueTrac Fuel System 525 Walbro Pump 80lb Dekas Injectors Miscellaneous MSD 2Step AEM Boost Gauge AEM AFR Gauge

Someone buy this thing and do what I tell you with it so you can be a hero to all.

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