This 1992 AM General M934A2 Would Make An Epic Off-Road Camper

This 1992 AM General M934A2 Would Make An Epic Off-Road Camper

Expedition rigs and off-road campers are some pretty cool machines and can be built from vehicles of all shapes and sizes, but the ones that are giant and look like nothing can stop them are the ones for me. I love these things. I also love military trucks, so you can imagine just how excited I was when I saw this awesome specimen. It’s a 1992 AM General M934A2 which is a big truck that in this case is outfitted with a pretty serious box out back that has slides so it is expandible and would make a really cool camper inside.

The fact that it is also 6×6, designed to carry big loads and travel through almost any condition, makes it a great candidate for someone to convert into their dream off-road home.

Unfortunately the seller doesn’t give a lot of information or photos from inside the box, but this thing is powered by a big 8.3 Cummins that is backed by an Allison Transmission. The drivetrain is bulletproof, and yet parts are available, so it really can be the right choice for an off-road project. The fact that it is for sale with an asking price of less than $20,000 makes it cheaper than starting with some one-ton 4×4 truck and lets face it, this sucker is WAY more capable.

What do you think? Would you build an expedition rig, or off-road camper, from one of these suckers?

Here’s the description from the seller: CLICK HERE TO VISIT THE AD

Expansible van body 5 ton 6×6 ultimate off-road camper. 8.3 cummins. Allison transmission. Newer tires, fresh maintenance, drives great and everything works.

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