We Worship All Things Dirty At The Off-Road Expo 2017 In Pomona – Photos Here

We Worship All Things Dirty At The Off-Road Expo 2017 In Pomona – Photos Here

After attending the Speed Limit Racing autocross at Camarillo Airport on Saturday, Sunday was spent wandering around the faigrounds in Pomona for the Off-Road Expo. This is a must attend event each and every year for us, and each year I find myself wanting to build an off-road truck of some kind more and more. It’s really not a good place to go if you are poor like me, or can’t stop thinking about more and more projects to build like me. But if you want to see kick ass off-road machines, parts, toys, tools, and more, then the Lucas Oil Off-Road Expo in Pomona is the place to be. I’m local to this event, but people come from all over the western states to check it out, and there are LOTS of parts being sold and plans being made.

Whether you are into Jeeps, full-size trucks, buggies, side by sides, or anything else that plays in the dirt, this is THE place to see it all. And with companies like TMR, Swag, Aeromotive, Holley, Racepak, 4-Wheel Parts, Losi, BFG, Falken, Rustys, and many more on hand you can’t possibly not find what you are looking for. I went to take photos, drool, and to pick up some tools from Swag Off-Road.

Ultimately I ended up walking the entire show, saying hi to plenty of friends and industry folks, and then taking a nap in a chair in the Aeromotive Fuel Systems booth. Darr laughed at me and took my picture. Apparently I was wore out, because I slept for a couple hours and a stereo speaker company was behind me blasting music most of the time.

Check out our first gallery of photos from the show below. I’m sure you’ll find something you want as bad as I do.

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