Luxury Car Hauling Couple Gives A Tour Of Their New Peterbilt 579 With A Huge Sleeper

Luxury Car Hauling Couple Gives A Tour Of Their New Peterbilt 579 With A Huge Sleeper

Today’s big rigs are something else. Never before have there been over-the-road trucks with more creature comforts, more power, or more luxury. Unfortunately, that describes pretty much all the newer trucks on the road and they all pretty much look alike on the inside. One of the exceptions to this are the trucks of Reliable Carriers, the country’s leading transporter of collectible, custom, and high-value cars and trucks. The fleet at Reliable is always posted up with the full shine going on, and with killer lighting at night.

They really are some of the nicest looking fleet rigs you’ll ever see on the road.  In this video, we get to tour another giant sleeper-equipped Peterbilt that really is something special.

Check out the specs and video below.

Video Description:

Welcome to Reliable Carriers Cribs: BIG RIG EDITION! See a behind the scene tour of our fleet, shared by our team of Professional Car Haulers. RCI CRIBS – Season 2, Episode 2: Meet the Parkers! Luxury car hauling couple receives brand new 2023 Peterbilt 579 Ultra Loft with Custom 144″ ARI sleeper from Reliable Carriers. Hear about their experience and first impressions of the truck, and also get a never before seen tour of their new 2023, fully spec’d, home on wheels. TRUCK SPECS: 2023 Peterbilt 579 with custom 144″ ARI sleeper, fully loaded. Includes: Digital Dash Flat screen TV Screen door with BlueRay Surround Sound Air ride seats Full size fridge & freezer Bathroom and Shower Dog ramps Storage Space Sink Convection oven, Air fryer, and Microwave Electric APU Remote Control Air Vent Trailer Specs: Enclosed Custom Car Hauling Trailer with Lift Gate. Includes Floating Floor with 4 independent decks.

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