OBS Clash: The Birth Of An Icon Meant The Sport Truck Era Was Born.

OBS Clash: The Birth Of An Icon Meant The Sport Truck Era Was Born.

Anyone who reads BANGshift on any regular basis knows I’m a Chevrolet guy to the core, and that I love my Square Body Chevy pickups. But I love Chevrolet trucks in general and have owned several, including a pretty custom OBS 1992 Chevrolet Standard Cab Shortbed that was flamed, shaved, and full of billet. These trucks are rad, have great lines, and started a completely new market and sub-industry within the automotive aftermarket. It catapulted names like Belltech, Boyds, and more into the limelight and created a rock star world of sport trucks that hasn’t wavered much in the past 30 plus years.

Watch this great new video from AutoRevolution talking about the history, the passion, and the design, and also re-introducing, and re-imagining, a famous Sport Truck that was possibly the most famous of them all. You’ll hear from some of the most famous automotive designers and painters and builders in this one, along with the guys that were working behind the scenes at Belltech making what we now call Sport Trucks a possibility. There was a lot more going on behind the scenes than any of us realized when we were getting our full sizes out and lowered, and it was epic.


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