Truck Feature: Eric Pierce’s ’78 Chevy Suburban – Texas Turbine on Four Wheels.

Truck Feature: Eric Pierce’s ’78 Chevy Suburban – Texas Turbine on Four Wheels.

(Words by Tim King, Photos by Jordan Cole)

Building for Fun

Eric Pierce, owner of Pro Touring Texas wanted to build a car that could haul ass, and haul all his buddies as well. What he decided on was a 1978 Chevy Suburban but with a twist. The reason? Pure fun. With a love for C10s and a desire to inject power into a sizable vehicle, Eric’s project is a bold statement. The ’78 Suburban, often overshadowed, was destined for greatness under his watchful eye.

The Quest Begins

Originally discovered behind a house in Bullard, TX, the Suburban had an interesting journey. The original owner sold it to someone in New Orleans, and eventually, Eric became its proud owner. The small world twist? Bullard, TX, was just a stone’s throw away from Eric’s family farm in East TX. The Suburban, found under a carport, became the canvas for Eric’s automotive dreams.

Marrying Power and Size

The drivetrain was the star of this show. A 738-horsepower LSX engine, meticulously machined by Farris Automotive, was built by Eric. With 9.6:1 compression, a Brian Tooley Racing cam, and LS9 heads, this engine rips. A set of Hooker turbo manifolds was used to supply exhaust to the Borg Warner S480 turbocharger. Exhaust is spent through a pair of Black Widow 250 mufflers. The choice of a 4L80e transmission built by Jakes Performance with a 3200 stall and a rebuilt 3.73 ratio 12-bolt rear end with Moser Axles ensured that power was delivered to the wheels.

Chassis and Suspension

The Suburban’s chassis received the Pro Touring Texas touch. With a stock frame, an axle flip kit from Belltech brought the rear down, while a set of CPP modular spindles dropped the front altitude. All ProForged components were used to ensure steering was as crisp as a freshly cracked beer. Viking Performance shocks were utilized at all four corners to dial in the ride.

Exterior Transformation

Nature in Springtown, TX, worked its magic on the exterior. Hiding the intercooler while maintaining the stock grille proved challenging but resulted in a seamless and eye-catching front end. The Suburban’s original paint was polished and ceramic-coated by Justin Boyd at Detailing Garage in Keller, TX, adding a modern touch to the vintage charm. A set of Coy’s wheels gave a stock aesthetic to the ‘Burb.

Memorable Moments

For Eric, the most memorable experiences were cruising down the highway at 105 MPH, overtaking stock C10s, and enjoying the blast of the AC. Lone Star Throwdown trips, with a carload of friends, became cherished memories.

The Open Road Beckons

Eric’s build isn’t just a car; it’s a testament to his love of big power and big Chevy trucks.. From Bullard to Springtown, the ’78 Suburban has traveled a road of transformation, embodying the spirit of Texas in its power, style, and the open roads it now calls home. With the roar of its turbocharged engine, Eric’s Suburban stands as a reminder that dreams, no matter how big, find their place on four wheels.


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