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Event Coverage: Monday at the 2009 Bonneville Speed Week

Event Coverage: Monday at the 2009 Bonneville Speed Week

The 2009 SCTA/BNI Speed Week at Bonneville got hot on its third day, and we aren’t just talking about the 105-degree temperatures. With teams vying for a piece of record pie, the Hot Rod Top Time trophy, and bragging rights in general, the competition was as fierce as the air temp. Click here to jump to today’s photo gallery.

When Alan “Fogi” Fogliadini left the line this morning on his record return pass, driving the BMR Racing C/Fuel Roadster, every person on the starting line was holding their breath. The Sunday-afternoon 291 mph pass was stunning, and there was no doubt Fogi and the gang had the little yellow roadster set on kill. Unfortunately for Fogi, the SCTA requires you to go between all of the orange mile markers, rather than slalom around them, so he aborted the run early. A run later this afternoon was looking great to re-qualify the car for a record, when it suddenly fishtailed and spun multiple times. Fogi and the car are fine, and will be back tomorrow.

The Poteet and Main Speed Demon continues to be plagued with drivetrain problems. Apparently the quickchange rear end has not been happy with all the horsepower that engine builder Kenny Duttweiler is trying to shove through it, and we were not alone in our disappointment at yet another aborted run today. We want to see 400 mph from the team, and so does everyone in attendance. And speaking of attendance, the Speed Week spectator numbers have been through the roof. Several competitors and officials have commented to us that they have not seen this many people camped out on the sidelines ever.

As we left the salt this evening, we found the Scott “DieselGeek” Clark—tuned Studebaker of Gary Hart in the impound yard mid thrash. The lack of oil pressure going through the lights was only mildly alarming while in the seat, but a real issue if they are to back up their 248 mph qualifying run today to get Gary into the 200 mph club. The Keith Turk managed D/Rear-engine Modified Roadster entry is sitting in impound as well and they are looking forward to tomorrow morning’s record return run. One of the hottest moments in the morning will be watching Mike Cook and Bob Johnson as they both run for a C/Modified Sports record; they both qualified at 245 mph.

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