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Performance Industry Bailout Plan from Painless Wiring

Performance Industry Bailout Plan from Painless Wiring

This is impressive. Recognizing that the performance aftermarket is feeling the pains of recession, Adrian Murray, President of Painless Performance Products (Painless Wiring) has announced the Painless Bailout Plan. He’s put up $150,000 and called for applications from companies or organizations who can demonstrate how they would use that money to positively influence the future of the hobby and the industry.


The text from the letter from Adrian is below, or see it all at PainlessPerformance.com.

Dear Automotive Enthusiast,

Because of the passion and excitement all of us have for anything
automotive, we have long felt protected in this industry from the
negative effects brought on by economic downturns, recessions or
inflation.  But although our industry fares better than most when
things get tough, we feel it would be unwise to believe that things
will simply take care of themselves.  Since Painless is looked upon as
a leader in this industry we feel it is imperative that we demonstrate
that leadership.

For this reason we are proud to announce the creation of the PAINLESS PERFORMANCE ENTERPRISE FUNDThe
purpose of this fund is to spur investment in local community events
and activities to help promote the performance automotive aftermarket. 
The fund can be used for a variety of promotional projects to help
strengthen the performance automotive infrastructure, such as
youth-involvement programs, consumer awareness, sales and business
incentives, and technical training. 

Painless Performance will earmark an initial amount of $150,000 for
this fund.  To be eligible to receive these funds, a SEMA member
retailer or distributor must submit an application that demonstrates
how the particular project will enhance the awareness, community
involvement, youth participation, or technical knowledge of the
targeted audience and demonstrate how the end result will provide a
positive return on investment.  The review process for applications
will consider the positive impact the investment will make on the
automotive aftermarket as a whole.  It need not be a Painless-centric
program as long as it benefits the industry.

The purpose of this program is simple: we must band together to take
care of our own.  While these are challenging economic times we do know
that eventually there will be an upside.  If providing these monies
will enable independent retailers, distributors and even individual
consumers or consumer groups to create programs and activities which
will improve the state of our industry and our hobby, then we would be
derelict in not taking action.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary measures.  We encourage
all of you to think of creative ways in which to use these funds.  Click here to download the application forms and learn other details of the program.



Adrian J. Murray

Painless Performance Products


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