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Scrapple, Your Guide To The “meh”-Worthy News! This Week, The Guy Who Punked VW, Ferrari SUVs, And More!

Scrapple, Your Guide To The “meh”-Worthy News! This Week, The Guy Who Punked VW, Ferrari SUVs, And More!

The Geneva Motor Show has been the focus of the week, where a stomper of a Corvette and Bugatti’s latest warp-speed missile have been unveiled. After that, it’s a ton of super cars that the Swiss would probably look down on and cars that we won’t likely see in the States. Our real focus has been the upcoming March Meet and  That doesn’t mean that news has stopped flowing in…far from it, our desk has been littered with the remains of tidbits that have poured in. We’ve dusted off some of the better ones, put them in the roaster and threw them on a plate, just for you. Here is this week’s Scrapple:

1. No Ferrari SUV? Someone, somewhere, is wiping their tears away with a $20…

Ferrari FFBucking the trend of the super-luxury SUV, Sergio Marchionne made it clear at the Geneva Motor Show that Ferrari will not make a people-hauler. “We will not play with SUVs. It’s not in our DNA.” That means that the closest thing you’ll ever see to one is a Ferrari FF/GTC4 Lusso that hasn’t been washed in forever or one stuffed into a snowbank.

2. “Excuse me, I have the new cheat box…”

The protestor and “mechanic” is British comedian Simon Brodkin, and he’s done this kind of gig before. VW’s Juergen Stackmann didn’t seem that impressed…but it seems a bit rehearsed, doesn’t it?

3. If there was a silver lining in the dark cloud of Australia’s auto manufacturing shutdown, here it is:


Currently, Australia’s rules for importing cars into the country looks like this: was it made after January 1st, 1989? Sorry, but no. That law, the Australian Motor Vehicles Standards Act, is about to get a revamp in the wake of the looming shutdown of the Australian automobile manufacturing sector. Instead of the set-in-stone date, come 2018, Australia will adopt a rolling 25-year rule, like the United States currently has. That means that cars made in 1993 and before are eligible, so last-year Fox Mustangs are on the table, as are fourth-gen F-cars and the first-gen Ford Lightning. Wait a year longer and Impala SS and SN-95 Mustangs become eligible. Hmm…maybe we should rig up a trans-Pacific trade deal of our own. Firebird for Falcon?

4. For once, it’s not the human’s fault!

Lexus by Google

If you are sweating over autonomous cars, there are signs that it’s still not a perfect driving system and that there are flaws to work out. One of Google’s Lexus RX450h autonomous CUVs had a minor fender-bender with a city bus in California. What happened? According to Google, the Lexus had to shift into the center lane to make a right-hand turn and believed that the bus would slow down and let the Lexus in. Wrong. The accident was low speed, so there was just a little bit of wrinkled metal and a couple of sensors on the Lexus biting the dust. Google is now teaching the artificial intelligence system to understand the concept of “yield to tonnage”.

5. Looks like you need to upgrade…

nissan leaf

Do you own a 2011-14 Nissan Leaf? If so…what the hell are you doing on this site? In any case, if you or “your friend” does, you have a problem: the NissanConnectEV system (formerly Carwings), the one that provides the owner with all of the telemetrics of their eco-mobile, is about to be rendered inop because AT&T is shutting down their 2G service. If your Leaf is a 2015 model or newer, Nissan will provide a free upgrade. If your Leaf is older, however, expect to pay for the upgrade. The cost will be finalized around late summer, but if upgrading a smartphone is any indication, “out of the nose” might be an accurate description.

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