Performance Racing Industry Show 2017: Fragola Performance Systems Is

Performance Racing Industry Show 2017: Fragola Performance Systems Is

Fragola Performance Systems is constantly striving to meet the plumbing needs of today’s racers and enthusiasts, and parts and pieces that they brought to the table at the 2017 PRI Show in Indianapolis, while maybe not the most flashy or eye-catching, are the real parts that you should be looking at. Yes, rows upon rows of superchargers and camshafts are absolutely pretty and all that, but Fragola gets straight down to the brass tacks of what you need to plumb up your machine. Gone are the days of rubber hoses and sketchy hose clamps that may or may not work and the overbearing smell of gasoline seeping out of the hose you found in the back of the local store. With available solutions like PTFE hose, all sorts of fittings, adapters, clamps and more, there is no reason why you can’t simplify and strengthen up the plumbing system underneath your hood. Made in Southington, Connecticut and built to the highest spec, these guys support the basest parts of your car. Don’t just guess and hodge-podge your way around the plumbing. Give these guys a call, or check out their website and see what they can do for you! And if you don’t take our word for it, take the word of racers who have used their products on winning systems over the years!

Fragola Website

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