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Sack Up Snow Blower Manufacturers! This Fair Snocrete Eats A Geo Metro!!!

Sack Up Snow Blower Manufacturers! This Fair Snocrete Eats A Geo Metro!!!

And we have the video to prove it! When Phil Nase sent us an email yesterday saying that we were missing the boat in our search for the Ultimate Snow Blower, and that the Fair Snocrete was the machine to beat. But, he said we should take his word for it, but rather we should watch the video where the Fair Snocrete eats a Geo Metro. On purpose. On video. Done by the company. AYFKM!!! These people rule all!

Here’s what Phil said to us. (I’m including it because I was entertained by it and I think you will be too.)


Gentlemen (and I use that term loosely),

In your search for the ultimate snow mover I serve up this monster of a snow mover. The Snocrete by Fair Manufacturing. About 15 years ago I was privileged to install and service these scary beasts. The ones that I worked on had John Deer 4045T engines top mounted that ran the snow blower portion. In most cases we were attaching them to New Holland 180 wheel loaders. Needless to say I treated them with the utmost respect.

(Yes they scared the shit out of me when they were running)
One of the owners of the company told me they got the name from the fact that this thing would chew up concrete blocks and spit them out like nothing. There used to be a video of one of their employees throwing blocks into the machine. I used to laugh my ass off watching it because the only protection the guy was wearing was a pair of work gloves. No face shield, safety glasses or any protective body wear what so ever. Jeans and a T shirt were the only thing between him and bits of flying debris. That is most likely why the video has been taken down. Looked more like an OSHA “what not to do” video.

In it’s place is a video of the crazy f^*#&rs chewing up a Geo Metro. I shit you not! Check it out here:

And if you are in search of a snowblower that can eat your neighbors car when he parks in front of your house, visit Fair Manufacturing online to see what else they have to offer. CLICK HERE TO VISIT FAIRMFG.COM

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