Going For Broken: Mega Trucks Taking Flight At The Spring Sling!

Going For Broken: Mega Trucks Taking Flight At The Spring Sling!

The bigger, the louder, the brasher, the better. Mega trucks rock simply because they are the truly demented spawns of the off-road world. They aren’t the truly overkill monster trucks, and they are far removed from the real-world off-roaders…and unlike the other two categories, mega truck drivers don’t seem to have that self-preservation instinct that works so well for the rest of humanity. Flying a pickup truck that’s supported by tractor tires is a random Saturday to these people, and we love them for it! And what better venue to earn your FAA Low-Level flight certificate than at Dennis Anderson’s Muddy Motorsports Park? Anderson has made a career out of putting heavy, large-tired rigs into low orbit, it’s nothing new to him, so letting a bunch of like-minded folk have a bit of fun on his property just goes without saying. Welcome one, welcome all…take your seats and prepare for the greatest show you can pay money to see! Watch as these masters of the monsters laugh at the laws of physics, here at the Spring Sling!

You can pick up your mud-proof umbrellas just past the entrance.

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