Skipping On The Water At Night: Formula Offroad Showing Off In Tennessee!

Skipping On The Water At Night: Formula Offroad Showing Off In Tennessee!

Motorsports is a worldwide phenomenon, with different areas of the world seemingly fixated on a particular discipline. In the States, we tend to think of ourselves as the center of the universe in the automotive world, but that isn’t quite the case. The Japanese drift, we drift. The Australians go for mental tire-melting fun, and it’s starting to gain traction here…if the fun at this year’s LS Fest was any indication, anyways. And from the Nordic countries, we have Formula Offroad. We love the hell out of these guys, mainly because they somehow managed to out-crazy the rockbouncers…and those guys are fairly mental themselves. It’s gotten so popular that some of the mountain-climbing machines have made their way to the mid-west states to put on a show and to show the good ol’ boys just what “unhinged and unbalanced” can truly be.

Water skipping is a thing with the Formula Offroad guys. Take a Jeep-shaped device with a metric ton of power and wide paddle tires, aim it at a body of water and flat-foot it across the body of water without sinking like the Titanic. Sound reasonable? Nope, not in the least, but these guys do it all the time, and nighttime only means that they need to turn on some lights. In case you were wondering, the proper translation is “Du er helt psykisk sinnssyk”, or “You are completely mentally insane.”

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