Spring Fling Million 2017 Gallery: Early Saturday Morning At The Strip At LVMS!

Spring Fling Million 2017 Gallery: Early Saturday Morning At The Strip At LVMS!

For a show only in it’s second year going, the Spring Fling Million event at The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway felt more like a well-established, deeply rooted deal. If I didn’t know that last year was the inaugural event, I’d never have guessed. Peter Biondo and Kyle Seipel have put together a master of a race that brings out badass cars en masse and keeps the action going for a week straight. For the racers, the draw is simple: money and the chance to go again and again for the cash if you so desire. Sure, the big draw is the high-paying race, but cash prizes and other prizes, like Brodix heads and entry into next year’s Million races, were up for grabs throughout the week.

Nailed the Tree with a .000? There’s a payout. Made it to the third round before getting your backside handed back to you on a silver platter? Here’s your check, friend, better luck tomorrow! And what makes the Million race so great is the pace: these guys have mastered the art of running a good number of cars at pace throughout the day. Even when there was downtime due to an oildown (or one unfortunate failure-to-yield incident) the crew and staff at The Strip were on it and were finishing up the cleanup way ahead of any estimations you could have had. And just because it’s Vegas, how about karaoke, showgirls, and killer Mexican food in the pits?

Comparatively, Saturday morning was outright peaceful. Just the cool desert air and the Wasatch Mountains in the distance as racers stirred, checked air pressures, charged batteries and geared up for the final day of battle. I only had about thirty minutes to blast out some photos before I had to haul the rental to the airport and leave Chad to his own devices, but a walk through the pits before the reaction time challenge was a good way to say goodbye for now. The noise might have happened before I left the track, but already, cash had been handed out to a .000 R/T, with the driver lining up for a shot to earn more if they could do it again.

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