LS Fest East 2022 Photo Coverage: Our Drag Race Photos Start NOW!

LS Fest East 2022 Photo Coverage: Our Drag Race Photos Start NOW!

We’ve got a jillion photos and tons of galleries from LS Fest in Bowling Green, and this is our first Drag Race action gallery. Check it out, and wait because we’ve got a few more, because they are all full of tire smoking, wheels up, and odd swap LS Fest action. If you missed any photos, don’t stress, we’ve got a link to the galleries we’ve posted so far.

(Photos by Wes Allison) Holley’s LS Fest events are now spread across the country, but the one that started it all is held in Bowling Green Kentucky and has been going on for 13 years. I’ve been the voice of this event since the beginning and have seen it grow from a small little gathering to one of the biggest and baddest events on the planet over that time. We’re talking about an event that celebrates all that is the LS engine, and does so by inviting anything and everything that has LS power to come out for the show, the drags, the autocross, the road course, the off-road track, the drifting, the dyno and of course the burnout contest. Yeah, there is a lot going on at this place. And it’s insanely rad.

Thankfully our intrepid photographer Wes Allison was on hand all weekend long shooting photos like a mad man and we’ve got gallery after gallery to share with you over the next week or so. We’ll have hundreds of photos to share, because nobody brings you more event photos than we do here at

I can tell you that there are a bunch in these galleries that would have made my short list of favorites. Why don’t you check out this first gallery and let us know which cars and trucks are your favorites and we’ll keep bringing you more all week.


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