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Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals Photos: More Bitchin Rides And Awesome History All In One Place

Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals Photos: More Bitchin Rides And Awesome History All In One Place

Here’s our second gallery of photos from Jim who is such a die-hard. Like Bob Chiluk, who also shot the show for us, these guys just live and breath this kind of event. We have several galleries coming, so stay tuned for more in the next week!

(Words and Photos by Jim Hrody) Located in Rosemont’s cavernous Stephens Convention Center, the Muscle Car And Corvette Nationals has become a Fall tradition for the car hobby. Yes, you’ll see muscle cars and Corvettes but also plenty more extensions of those descriptions us gearheads appreciate. In general, GM, FoMoCo, and Ma Mopar are well represented, but examples from AMC and even Studebaker are scattered around.This year had what seemed to be an endless supply of Wing Cars from Dodge and Plymouth.
Can’t forget to check out the Mecum display each year which has a handful of cars from upcoming auctions. The back corner always holds a ‘barn find’ area containing a selection of rusty and dusty as-found rarities.

A new feature this year was the Malaise Era Muscle Invitational, which was a big hit and may just return at subsequent shows. Seen in this display was an island of 70s and 80s goodness ranging from ‘stripe package muscle’ to the ‘starting to get fast again’ cars.

Rarely mentioned is the muscle-bike area that returns year after year. Located here were piles of Schwinn Stingrays, Apple Krates, & Pea Pickers, a mess of Murray Choppers, a few Ross Barracudas, plus many more examples from off-brands.

Remember mini-bikes when you were a kid? If you didn’t have one, you wanted one and there was an area set aside for those too. On the edge of one of the rooms was a display of vintage snowmobiles as well.

Can’t forget the cars from Yenko, Nickey, Baldwin-Motion, and Mr. Norm that are hiding in plain sight, but another notable area held a selection of Dick Harrell Edition Camaros originally sold by Berger Chevrolet.

Lastly, the lobby must be mentioned, yes the lobby. Before you get inside, there are several cars to hold your attention while waiting in line. The crowd was really packed in this year, so the cars outside the main hall are always a nice added touch.


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