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SEMA Show 2022 Photos: There Was No Shortage Of Awesome Rides This Year, Check Them Out!

SEMA Show 2022 Photos: There Was No Shortage Of Awesome Rides This Year, Check Them Out!

Here’s our tenth gallery of photos from the SEMA Show, and more are on the way!

It’s that time of year folks, trade show season. For those of us in the automotive and motorsports industries, at any rate, we hit Las Vegas every November for the SEMA Show and then Indy for the PRI Show in December. With the pandemic postponing SEMA in 2020, everyone wondered what the 2021 show was going to be like and it turned out better than many expected. With that in mind, everyone is hoping for great things from the 2022 SEMA Show and we’re on hand to try and grab as many pics of cool cars and trucks as we possibly can to share with you.

Along with the cars and trucks we’re also going to be looking at parts and pieces and fun stuff we think you guys will love to check out. There is a lot going on at the show this year, with different companies moving into new spaces and with more focused crowds and aftermarket companies.

It’s a bit of a weird year for the SEMA Show, with regard to the cars and trucks on display. To me, it seems like there are fewer cars in booths and there are certainly fewer cars outside than in the pre-pandemic years. What is here is cool, but there are way fewer muscle cars and street machines in attendance than is typical. Is parts availability the cause? The price of gas and diesel? We know that the price of shipping cars has gone up dramatically in the last three years, so maybe that is part of it too.

Regardless, we’re shooting what is here to share it with all of you, so enjoy the next gallery below. Remember to click on any image to make it larger and to scroll through them all.


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