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Short Street Rod Shop Tour: The Henry J, The Chryslers, The ’55 Chevy

Short Street Rod Shop Tour: The Henry J, The Chryslers, The ’55 Chevy

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As we dug deeper into Jensen Masters’ shop, we started to get less and less answers to some of our questions with the cars. In particular, what we do know about the shop’s lone Pro Street build, this emerald green 1951 Henry J known as “Mr. Jynx”, is, to put it bluntly, very little. Here’s what we did manage to get out of him: the car is a full tube chassis car, with a 406ci roller motor (which was followed up with a very succinct “don’t worry about the rest.”) Running gears is a transbrake-equipped TH400 with a reverse valvebody and a 3800RPM converter and a narrowed Ford 9″ rear axle with 4.11 gears. A Mustang II clip up front and disc brakes all around keep the car on the road and in one piece, and it is fully street legal. As pretty as it is, though, we doubt that it gets much action off of the track, since it is so recognizable. Then again, there are lots of indications that racing happens when the opportunity arises.

masters101 masters102 masters103 masters104

Next up were a pair of 1948 Chrysler Windsors. These were purchased by Masters’ brother in 1977 for $600, which in turn were sold to his father for $800. One is in complete condition, while the other could be returned to complete condition in short order.

masters107 masters108

Then, there is the “Two-Timer” Rambler altered-wheelbase car…


…and behind it, a 1955 Chevrolet. Just like the 1955 Fairlane, this car is an altered-wheelbase vehicle that sports a backseat driver’s location. Purchased last year, this is a project-in-waiting, complete with a Cadillac flathead V8 for power.

masters111 masters110 masters128 masters125

At this point, we could have walked away from the entire tour completely happy, but this is, honestly, just scratching the surface of what was present. There was still plenty more to see at the shop, and we will have the rest of the pictures up soon!


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