2015 FE Race and Reunion: Our Last Blast Of Killer Photos From The Pits – A Cammer Powered Fairmont?!

2015 FE Race and Reunion: Our Last Blast Of Killer Photos From The Pits – A Cammer Powered Fairmont?!

(Words and photos by Joe Grippo) – Hardcore Ford fans came in droves to Pennsylvania’s Beaver Springs Dragway over the weekend of April 24th & 25th 2015 for the third annual FE Race and Reunion. Once there they were treated to what might be the best all Ford events in the country. This deal is Big Blocks only, so small blocks stay home. FE engines of 352, 390, 427 and 428 cubic inches filled the engine bays of loads of Fairlanes, Galaxies, Torinos, Starliners, Mustangs and more. Some of the coolest cars you will see filled the pits of Beaver and I tried to bring them all to you.

Mixed in among all the iron were a few FE specific sponsors and vendors like multiyear supporter Barry Robotnik owner of Survival Motorsports, purveyors of serious FE engine stuff. Also in attendance was Blair Patrick of Tennessee, who builds the quickest, fastest, record settingest FE’s for the NHRA Stock and Super Stock Class battles. Carl’s Ford Parts, another returning sponsor, was on hand talking Ford with all the faithful. Infamous Ford parts guy John Vermeersch was getting his brain picked every time I saw him, plus, I never tire of seeing his ’61 Cammer powered Starliner.

The diversity of the FE Race and Reunion is no more evident than taking a stroll through the pits. Loads of nostalgia super stockers park next to legal, real deal NHRA class cars, genuine T-Bolts and perfect tributes were pure eye candy. We pitted next to a ’78 Faimont powered by a Cammer! Check the photos. Guys stuffed FE in Falcons, Cobras, T-Birds. A few Ford legends were roaming around pressing the flesh and taking in the sights and sounds. Hubert Platt and Dick Brannon were signing stuff and posing for photos all weekend. A touching tribute to Phil Bonner was done on the starting line and with a few members of his family it was a great remembrance of recently lost Ford drag legend.

It’s going down again on April 29th & 30th 2016 and Bangshift will be there. Look up FE Race & Reunion on facebook for details.

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