2019 Cincinnati Cavalcade of Customs Photo Bomb: Our Last Group Of Cool Images From The Event

2019 Cincinnati Cavalcade of Customs Photo Bomb: Our Last Group Of Cool Images From The Event

(Words and photos by Doug Gregory) – We started off this coverage stating we didn’t keep the photos in order they were taken.  This gallery has them from late morning to late at night.  Many were cars we couldn’t get a good shot of earlier and as crowds thinned we could acquire a clean photo.  I now sort of regret taking video of the load out because we only have a few photos of the cars as they exited.  This was the highlight of the boys’ time at the show and they even braved the cold and went down the street to see cars head to lots where their trailers awaited.  They got to see a fight almost break out and some weird folks talking to the police (think episode of LivePD).  Educational.

The first handful of cars in this group are from the Scroungers Car Club.  If you’ve not heard of them you might want to check them out.  It’s a world-wide club and their focus is driving their cars, wrenching on them together, and fellowship.  To be a member in good standing you must participate.  Next in the hallway/stairwell/whatever were plenty of offroad rigs and a good number of them had some battle scars showing use and abuse as it should be.

Bright orange 914 Porsche actually had a flat-six.  Never seen one in person before and if we hadn’t looked closer we’d walked right by.  The gold 1972 Buick GS was very nice and the 455 even had factory cruise control.  Not an option often seen on the performance models.  The pale yellow late 40s (I think ’48) Ford drop-top wasn’t getting much attention, but it caught my eye as a subtle and clean cruiser.  I am a fan of ‘less is more’.  The British Car Club of greater Cincinnati always has nice stuff on display and typically add a London phone booth to the décor.  The mustard-ish yellow Mini was actually a Canadian model.  The last two photos are some of the few that appeared to actually drive their cars home in the bitter cold and slush.  They’re much more committed than I am.  Or perhaps they’re ready to be committed to an institution.  Nevertheless, everyone cheered them on as they departed.

That’s it.  Sorry it took me so long to get this done.  It’s much quicker than some I did last year.

Thanks for looking.


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